Rhythm of Grace provides several types of retreats each year. Each provides a directed experience that allows the individual participants to nourish their souls either through instruction,  extended times of silence, solitude, reading, reflection, and one-on-one spiritual direction.

One type of retreat Rhythm of Grace hosts is a contemplative retreat we call Alone/Together. These retreats are the necessary care of the soul that allows the cleansing work of silence and solitude opportunity to refresh. These are not conferences, vacations, or days off; all those have a different part to play in our health. Alone/Together retreats provide space and time to intentionally nurture the development of intimacy with Christ. That doesn’t always mean you come away with good feelings or happiness. But it does provide what is necessary to hear the voice of God at some of the most honest and safest places. It is here that truth is heard: truth about ourselves and truth about God’s nurturing and loving heart toward us.

Rhythm of Grace currently hosts two types of Alone/Together retreats. Each provide space and time for silence and solitude, directed prayer exercises, spiritual direction, and community prayer and meals. Please see calendar for upcoming Alone/Together retreats and links to sign up.

  • The 8 hour Urban retreat is held on a Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm in a location within the city and includes a lunch.  
  • The 40 hour retreat begins on Friday evening at 7 pm and concludes on Sunday morning at 11 am. This retreat includes all three meals on Saturday as well as breakfast on Sunday, a private room with linens and towels. 

There is an optional 72 hour retreat that must be arranged separately. This retreat is an extension of the Alone/Together retreats and begins on a Thursday evening at 7 pm and concludes Sunday morning at 11 am. Please contact Craig at Craig@rhythmofgrace.org to make arrangements. 

A second type of retreat offered throughout the year is Grace Unfolding Retreats, a 40-hour instructional retreat. Various topics in the field of individual spiritual formation are covered in these retreats. Besides the group times of instruction, the schedule also allows for ample time for personal silence and solitude. Please see the calendar for upcoming instructional retreats.  

If you have questions about upcoming retreats, or wish to discuss arranging a retreat for your group or organization, contact Craig Babb at: craig@rhythmofgrace.org.