ROG-401: A Pilgrim's Process

Course Description: Human developmental theories demonstrate various stages of physical and psychosocial changes in normative patterns. The human’s spiritual development likewise has observable and normative patterns or stages. This spiritual development in the classic Christian context is known as the process of spiritual formation.

The Pilgrim's Process course is an intensive experience allowing the participant, through retreats, classes, and spiritual direction to examine:  

  1. The stages of classic Christian spiritual formation
  2. The primary spiritual exercises necessary for all stages of development 
  3. The common priorities of each pilgrim and the uniqueness of the individual’s journey that correlates with psychological factors
  4. The practical theology of these developments as portrayed in the historical teachings and practices of Christian tradition  


Upon completion of this course (40 hrs) and additional supervised work in reflective readings, spiritual direction sessions, praxis assignments, and a research paper, a certificate in spiritual formation will be awarded.  

For more information, see our Pilgrim's Process Fact Sheet.



ROG-402: The Paraklēsis Project

Course Description: Whether in vocational, religious or marketplace environments a great human need is for a place of expressing the human experience. This is particularly true for those seeking to follow Christ’s way and experiencing spiritual formation. This safe place to express this experience is found best within a soul friend relationship. This course teaches the fundamental skills of being a soul friend to another on the pilgrimage toward Christlikeness. Participants will examine the necessary skills beyond what is learned in basic discipleship courses such as:

  • The Parakletic posture
  • The discerning listening skills for primary verses secondary passions and season of dark night verses seasons of disengagement
  • Spiritual exercises and prayer styles often recommended in various stages of faith development.
  • Intersections and distinctions between spiritual direction and psycho-therapy skills.

Upon completion of this basic course (40 hrs) there is an optional course for those desiring certification in spiritual direction. During this optional course participants will gather together in clinical sessions utilizing; role play, recorded conversation feedback logs, praxis sessions, supervised practicum and further content sessions. There will be a required reading list and a research paper.

For more information see our Paraklēsis Project Fact Sheet.