Special Invitation

"If we had been intentionally taught 'followership skills' instead of 'leadership skills' early in our faith development, I don't think we would be having the depth of struggles in our absolute confidence of the Father in these current days of our lives."  A Pilgrim's Process

After packing it away in the rear compartment of our new car I had to smile. It had been in the back of our old car for years. I'm not even sure what was in it. We simply called it our survival kit. Survival kits, they're not that big size wise, and usually they are never used. But when, in those scary and desperate moments it is needed, it can provide what is needed in the moment. The smile was because for years I've been using that image in my teaching.

Survival kit might not be the best image I use in A Pilgrim's Process to talk about what I think are the essential spiritual exercises for our spiritual formation. But I do like the idea that when we have them they provide what we need in the moment. They just need to be used a bit more often than we might use a survival kit! 

I wonder, if as alumni of A Pilgrim's Process, you remember what those spiritual exercises are? I'll give you a hint, we used to talk about five of them, today we've added a sixth.  These classic spiritual exercises will absolutely change the way you follow Jesus. Let me be even bolder; if you don't sense much development in your spiritual pilgrimage I will guarantee it is because you are not practicing these five/six. If you find yourself in a place of desert, acedia (spiritual laziness), or sense distance between you and God, I will guarantee that these five/six have not been a part of your rhythm of life. 

That last paragraph is about as bold as I think I've ever been! But I really do believe it to be true. I know, because it is true in my own life. I'm no different. But the survival kit disciplines are indeed game changers for our spiritual formation. They provide for us a unique posture to touch the hem of the rob of God's Grace. It is this Grace that changes our lives. It is these exercises that put us in the place to recognize that Grace and receive it into our lives in order to give us life, to breathe life into us, to sustain us along our journey. 

This month, March 20-22, we are sponsoring our second retreat of 2015, with the theme being Beyond the Basics. This will be more of a teaching retreat to look a litter deeper into the value of the survival kit disciplines and how they can be exercised as a part of our rhythm. This retreat will also provide a large space of quiet and alone time. We will be hosting this retreat at the Youthfront Community near La Cygne, KS. We will join with them in their rhythm of praying the office and then have use of the many wonderful sacred spaces designed to be with Jesus in intimate ways. The cost of the retreat is $200 but we have a 2 for 1 special, where if you sign up you can bring a friend for free (or split the cost between you!). 

I I know this retreat is coming quickly, but I hope you will consider joining us March 20-22 for Beyond the Basics. Maybe you'll have to reconsider some plans you already have made, but I do think it will be worth it. By the way our third retreat for 2015 will be April 17-19 and again it will be a teaching retreat with the theme centered on hearing God's voice through the uniqueness of our Soul Print. Click on this link  Beyond the Basics and it will take you to the page where all of our retreats are listed. 

Contact me if you want to talk more about this retreat. I write this that it may be a blessing upon you.

Craig Babb