“Hitting the Wall”

Do you remember that phrase from A Pilgrim's Process? We talked about it during the lecture on the stages of spiritual development. That topic is probably the single most talked about of all the topics covered in our core teaching.

When we talked about the stages of development I repeatedly warn everyone that we are talking about the stages in a linear fashion, one stage succinctly  following another, but the reality is we overlap and often go backwards to revisit a stage from time to time. It seems we have a hard time swallowing that truth. Right there in the middle of our diagram is the place in which we have given several names to describe it: the wall, the cloud, a crossroads, or the dark night of the sense.
This little blip on the chart seems to raise the hairs on the back of most alumni of A Pilgrim's Process. While it is a most critical season in our spiritual development it is also one of the most significant transformative in our spiritual development. In fact it sets the stage for what occurs for the rest of our lives and is the only thing which God will use to move us forward to deeper place of faith and love. If we desire to end up in those stages we describe as 'being', 'loving', or 'living' we will have to let God's grace work in this mysterious fashion we call 'hitting the wall.' 

I've been spending a great deal of time restudying and rethinking this most critical season and want to share with you what I think I'm learning. Rhythm of Grace is hosting one of its 'teaching retreats' next weekend, September 18-20, in which I will be teaching on this topic. I would love to extend this invitation to you to be a part of this retreat. The cost for the two night retreat is $200 which provides a private room, linens and towels, all the meals, and the teaching material. We will begin Friday evening at 7:00 PM and conclude Sunday morning at 11:00 AM. Our retreat is being held at the YouthFront LaCygne Community (directions on the sign up page).

I realize with this late notice you may not be able to attend the full retreat BUT I do have an opportunity for you to hear the material by coming out just on Saturday, the 19th, for a day retreat. Cost for the day retreat is just $75 and includes lunch, dinner, and the retreat materials. You will also have some time in the afternoon for reflection through silence and solitude. We will begin at 9:45 AM and conclude by 9:00 PM. 

Click on this link Light of the Dark Night  and learn a bit more about this retreat time as well as find the registration details. Also look below for some of the other things Rhythm of Grace is hosting in coming months.

Craig Babb