One More Year

I have lived another winter, spring, summer and fall

...grown another year older

...chosen to love and husband for one more year

...watched my children grow through their own life circumstances

...looked upon my grandchildren and observed their development, more closely than I did my own children at their age

...celebrated weddings and births of friends and friend's children

...suffered the pain of many different kinds of death 

It has been one more year of the church calendar prompting me to hold on with faith and endure life with a hope learned only through suffering

...One more year watching and waiting for Christ's return

 ...One more year to allow God's redemptive work in my soul transform me to love a little bit more pure and little less selfishly; hopefully more like Christ

 ...It has been one more year...and another lay before.

I'm grateful the pilgrimage is not walked alone, that I can only practice the reality of God's redemptive love through and with others. Rhythm of Grace Ministries is observing an emerging society of people who choose to learn to listen for God's voice, who choose to learn to love one another, who choose to learn to live out grace in the community around them. 

We offer ways you might choose to practice learning to listen, to love and to live in the coming year. I hope you will look at the retreat options, especially our Winter Alone/Together retreat where we annually gather together to discern a new rhythm of life for the coming year ahead. Also the opportunity to practice the discipline of Pilgrimage is beginning to fill up so look into this opportunity.

If you know of others who might be interested in our work, please encourage them to visit this site.

I pray a happy new year for you. 

— Craig Babb