The inbox is full!

The inbox is full! Yours probably, too. So what's one more, because this one is from me, right? It's the Happy Thanksgiving, let's all be thankful, let's all be nice to others blog. One more reminder that maybe somewhere deep within us there is an original blessing that occurred before original sin messed everything up.

Of course the practical theology takes over and suggests that it will take a whole lot more than my being nice to change me and world (picture the epic Coke Cola commercial with the helicopter long shot of a bunch of people on the beach making a peace sign holding up bottles of Coke. Implication is if we could all just drink Coke the world would be a better place). It will take a deep radical reorientation of my soul to teach me to love the way the original blessing yearns within me. But lest you think I'm being cynical (what?!) I do believe it is possible, I firmly believe it is possible to be so transformed. I've given my adult life to moving in that direction. 

But here we are on the eve of Thanksgiving Day with reminders to be thankful. For all the history and fables surrounding this day I still think it's fascinating that as a country we do this every year. What fascinates me is that being thankful is probably the single greatest attitudes that turns the ignition on of a soul to be changed into the image of Christ. And we get a day off to do it! 
 So my admonition to you is GO DO IT! I'll let you figure out how it works best for you...but here is an old hymn that helps me get started. It was written by August Ludvig Storm over one hundred years ago. As with most who write with depth he was a man who had experienced deep deep sorry, but saw through the dark to see God's transforming light. Enjoy, and you know what? I am thankful to God for you, for reading this little thing, and allowing God to do His work of transforming you. 

Thanks to God
Thanks, O God, for boundless mercy from Thy gracious throne above;
Thanks for every need provided from the fullness of Thy love!
Thanks for daily toil and labor and for rest when shadows fall;
Thanks for love of friend and neighbor and Thy goodness unto all!
Thanks for thorns as well as roses, thanks for weakness and for health;
Thanks for clouds as well as sunshine, thanks for poverty and wealth!
Thanks for pain as well as pleasure-all Thou sendest day by day;
And Thy Word, our dearest treasure, shedding light upon our way. 
Thanks, O God, for home and fireside, where we share our daily bread,
Thanks for hours of sweet communion, when by Thee our souls are fed!
Thanks for grace in time of sorrow and for joy and peace in Thee;
Thanks for hope today, tomorrow, and for all eternity! 

Enjoy Thanksgiving,
Craig Babb